Unbelievable Russian Nesting Doll Worth That Will Blow You Away

A wide range of nesting dolls, from a small nesting doll of 9 cm in size to a large set of nesting dolls, the height of the main nesting dolls of 60 cm. Prepare nesting dolls for painting portraits, shaped forms or straight patterns. Also you need to know how much Russian nesting doll is worth.

The Right Assortation

Also, in the assortment is the collection form of the Zagor nesting doll, restored according to ancient patterns. Nesting doll blanks available in stock in Moscow and in a warehouse in the workshop, in the absence of the required quantity, the rapid execution of bulk orders.

  • Detailed information for wholesale buyers.
  • All blanks are carved from linden wood.

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Original gifts for the New Year in the Russian style

  • Above the creation of souvenirs work professional masters who observe the age-old traditions of folk art.
  • Materials products – wood, porcelain, ceramics.
  • Of particular value is the painting – Zhostovskaya, world-famous Gzhel and Khokhloma. Such patterns are distinctive and reflect the wealth of Russian culture.

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Wholesale souvenirs for special occasions

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Nested dolls with views of Moscow are not just a memory of the visited Russian capital, but also a souvenir in the true sense of the word, twice! First of all, these are the attractions of the region printed on the hull, of which there are more than enough. And secondly, it is one of the most recognizable images from residents of other countries at the mention of Russia. A set of wooden pupae, the smaller of which are inside the large ones, symbolize the Russian handicrafts. As you know, the land is famous for many of them, but this thing has a special place in culture.