The Rise Of Onesies Popularity That Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of

The unicorn pajamas are the pajamas revolution, a trendy combination that dresses you completely (child and adult) and effectively makes you feel comfortable during winter.Can men wear onesies? Of course, considering what this famous fashionable pajamas looks like, we would think it came straight out of a storybook or children’s legends. However, do not be fooled by its animal style, because the kigurumi is simply cozy, extremely comfortable and cheap: once tried, it is adopted and it does not separate any more when it is cold.

Unicorn slipper: what is it?

The unicorn pajama suit is above all a pajama like any other, a combination whose purpose is to make you comfortable and help you sleep comfortably, without getting cold. Basically it’s a great outfit for cold rooms. Its particularity is its design, which is directly inspired by the legendary animal that is the unicorn. And yes, you are entitled to a tail (which is quite decorative), to the hind legs (in which one slips one’s legs), to the front legs (in which you put your arms), and to a head (in which you slip yours).

Colors and shapes inspired by mangas

In Japan, we call unicorn pajama kigurumi and its design is not limited to the animal that is the unicorn. It is found in almost all animal forms, including bears, dolphins, tigers, whales, crocodiles, etc. There is something for every taste.

In addition, all major brands of clothing offer, which allows you to have all the styles and colors. You can even choose them according to the holidays (a grandiose rabbit for Easter, a dinosaur for Halloween), or according to your moods. It does not matter. Unicorn pajamas or pajamas (that’s it after all) can look like any of your favorite childhood characters: Winnie the Pooh, Pikachu, Hello Kitty, etc.

In general, girls love pink or white unicorn pajamas, regardless of the animal. On the other hand, in boys, the unicorn combination can be black or gray, or even brown and rest assured, this pajama suit is suitable for all ages (child or adult). The size is set to suit the ages, as well as the design (a little less colorful and wiser for an adult than for a child). All these and more variants are available at so come check it out.

The advantages of the garment

Yes, considering his eccentric side, it’s understandable … You may say that the pajamas horn is not quite sexy or that it does not suit you, but think again. First, no risk of getting cold with a unicorn suit: it protects you completely, from head to toe. No need for a cap or extra big accessories. In addition, it is comfortable you can wear it and move easily without being limited in your movements.

Unicorn pajamas, it’s super trendy. In Japan, the kigurumi is worn every day, in the street and even to go to school or work. It is an everyday garment whose sole purpose is to help feel good about you when the snow regains its rights. In addition, this is a wonderful costume if you want to impress your friends during a costume party, or it’s a good disguise if you want to celebrate Halloween. The unicorn suit has not finished surprising, to seduce and conquer hearts, and at this moment, she remains at the top of the ranking for the choice of pajamas.

How to choose your unicorn pajamas?

This is a big question, when you know that all the big names in fashion or even Panda are tearing themselves away. So, it’s up to you to choose your favorite brand, no problem. However, you should pay special attention to the features below.

The size of the fashion accessory

Be sure to choose according to your size, and even slightly above. Pajamas are made to be comfortable and loose and the unicorn pajamas should be if you do not want to choke. So, focus on animal shapes that are not too cramped, and be sure to respect the size chart for total comfort in your unicorn suit.

The material of manufacture of the unicorn toggle

Of course, you should prefer warm, flannel-like materials if you’re wearing your pajamas to prevent cold snaps. But if it’s for a costume ball or for meetings in summer, it will be necessary to choose another material (a cotton flannel mix or others) and a model that is not extra-long. Some pajamas are a little shorter than the others in the legs and they do not necessarily have their hands covered either.

Another important detail: the unicorn pajamas are often lined with polyester, usually for “child” models. This material can still cause allergies, so pay attention to this particularity and take into account the sensitivity of your children’s skin.

The accessories of kigurumi

Kigurumi model does not have a hood; you can always choose to buy one to protect your head and ears when you go out at night. Finally, consider the price, because the competition between online stores allows you to offer all the accessories of the unicorn disguise at lower cost.