We started 98weeks.net about a few months back in 2018. Since that time, it has become known for being a “mommy-oriented” blog which focuses primarily on different aspects of motherhood in any type, shape, race, religion, trait, personality, and so on.


We are a fan of moms who stay home with their kids but also wanted to contribute to their household income. This inspired us to turn this blog from a dream into a reality. The more we blog about the selfless love of moms, the more we loved it. Blogging became our creative outlet and a way of sharing and collaborating thoughts, ideas, and experiences for all moms.


We aim to make this site to be a place where other parents, especially moms (or single parent dads), can come for a parenting resource. Our goal is to become one of the best authentic mommy blogs to inspire, entertain, and help people. We wanted to continue sharing experiences and life hacks in making time for our families. Being a mom is hard but it can also bring the biggest joy. We hope that you enjoy our blog and continue to follow us on our journey.